Lake Updates

Our annual Boat Parade and Picnic was held on July 27, 2013. The Picnic was a great success with a wonderful crowd at Waters Edge enjoying food, refreshments, a raffle, and live music. A similar event is planned for the last Saturday of July next year.
This summer about 140 spotted muskies in the 15-inch range were planted by the WDNR as part of their program to raise muskies for other Rivers and Lakes in the state. An electroshocking this fall did not find any muskies. No planting is planned for 2014. Dr. James Hodgson, recently retired from St. Norbert College as a Professor Emeritus of Biology and Science, spoke at our Fall meeting on September 17th on the fish food chain and how it affects lake productivity and algae growth. He studied this topic with others during a 27 year research project and its affect on small lakes. The key point of his talk emphasized the importance of having predator fish, like bass, northern, muskie, or walleye in the lake along with other species like panfish, etc. Their studies found that with predator fish present, zooplankton (feed for small fish) increases, which they found results in a cutback on Algae production.

2014 Fall meeting / Guest speaker: Linda Williams / WDNR 

Oak wilt is a deadly fungal disease of oaks. Trees in the red oak group, those with points on their leaves, can be killed by oak wilt in about two months. Trees in the white oak group, with rounded leaves, are more resistant to the disease. Oak wilt is common in the southern ⅔ of Wisconsin but has recently expanded to northern Wisconsin (map). You can help protect your trees from this disease. Avoid pruning from April through July. Pruning in spring and early summer makes oak trees vulnerable to oak wilt. The risk of oak wilt moving from one tree to another is highest from April through July. If you must prune oak trees during April, May, June, or July, immediately coat the wound with a wound paint or pruning paint to prevent infection from occurring in your tree.

For more information on oak wilt go to Keyword: Oak Wilt


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