General Info

(North half of Anderson Lake)

 Town website is

P.O. Box 95                                                                                 715-276-6474

Mountain, WI  54149-0095                           

Town Board Members

 Chairperson – Jerry Hull                                                            920-660-8201

Clerk/Treasurer – Lynn Kauzlaric                                             715-850-0661

Supervisor – Tony Uecke                                                             920-618-1058

Supervisor – Al Lauterborn                                                         920-841-0340

Planning Commission Chairperson – Jerry Herman              715-850-0340

Assessor – Val Baker, Rural Assessments                                 715-276-6051

Town and county building permits are required.

Building Inspector – Duff Leaver Inspections                          715-216-4734 (cell)

715 8822080                                                                    Mountain Volunteer Fire Department            (non-emergency)                                            715-276-6565

Humane Officer – James Bubb                                            715-850-2299  (cell)


Ambulance Services – Provided by Town of Mountain

The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month, and the Town Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Office located on Hwy. 32 one mile south of Mountain at 13503 Weller Rd.  The deadline for agenda items is the Friday before the scheduled meeting.

Recycle/Garbage Center

14375 Old Hwy. 32

715-850-0609 (during collection hours)     

May 1st – November 30th                    M-W-F   9:00 a.m. – Noon                   Sat. & Sun. 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

December 1st – April 30th                               M-W-F 10:00 a.m. – Noon                 Sat. & Sun. 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Dog Licenses Are Required

Can be picked up at town office in person or via mail.

Remember to bring or send proof of rabies shot.

Male and Female: $8.00          Neutered Male and spayed Female: $3.00          Multi-dog: $35.00


(South half of Anderson Lake)

10923 Hwy. 32                                                                       920-842-2166

Suring, WI  54174                                            


Town Board Members

 Chairperson – Richard VandeWettering                                               920-842-4039

12645 Logan Rd.

Suring, Wi. 54174


Clerk – Deanna Tachick                                                                             920-842-2057

10705 Central Rd.

Suring, Wi. 54174

 Treasurer – Ethel Firgens                                                                       920-842-2991

12860 Logan Rd.

Suring, WI  54174


Assessor – R & R Assessing                                                                       920-846-4250

307 N. Chestnut Ave.

Oconto Falls, WI  54154

Town and county building permits are required.

Building Inspector – Tom Smith Inspections, LLC                                              920-655-1735

2740 Otto Ct.

Green Bay, WI  54313

Humane Officer – James Bubb                                       715-850-2299 (cell)    920-842-2846

Ambulance Services – Provided by Town of Gillette

Recycle/Gargage Center

off County Road AA

Monday          9:00 a.m. – Noon

Saturday          9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday     4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (during daylight savings time)

Dog Licenses Are Required

Can be acquired during tax time from the Treasurer.  Otherwise obtain them from the county.

Oconto County

301 Washington St.                                                                  920-834-6800

Oconto, WI  54153                                                        


County Board Chairperson – Leland T. Rymer                                                    920-846-3730

Treasurer’s Department – Tanya Peterson, Department Head                        920-834-6813

County Clerk’s Office – Kim Pytleski                                                                    920-834-6800

Department of Forestry/Parks/Recreation – Robert Skalitzky                       920-834-6995

County and town building permits are required. 

Patrick Virtues, Head of the Office of Planning/Zoning/Solid Waste             920-834-6827

Land & Water Use northern office (zoning, sanitary & land division permits) 715-276-6640

Oconto County Sheriff’s Office –  Sheriff Michael Jansen                                  920-834-6919

Emergency                                                                                                                   9-1-1


Oconto County Lakes & Waterways Association (OCLAWA)             

       President – Don Prueter                                                                                  715-276-2214

 Secretary – Judie Gowaski                               920-826-5358

Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator – Amanda Strick                    920-834-7155


Additional Information

U. S. Forestry Agent – Darrell Richards                                                                715-674-4481

Report illegal activity,such as drugs, hunting, or cutting on federal forestry land

Wisconsin Public Service            1-800-450-7260

Be safe always call diggers hotline before you dig!!!!

Diggers Hotline                                    811 or 1-800-242-8511

Burning permits are required by the DNR any time there is not snow on the ground.

Permits can be obtained for no charge at Rhodes Oasis on Hwy 32 in Breed.


Cooking, warming, or campfires do not require a burning permit and are allowed anytime, except during emergency forest fire regulations. This exemption for permits applies to fires solely set and used for this purpose.  Remember, bonfires, and trash fires are not campfires!!!


Debris pile and burn barrel guidelines


Follow the restrictions on the permit, and do not burn on windy days.

  • Never leave your fire unattended, and always extinguish your fire before leaving.
  • Have firefighting tools on hand (garden hose, shovel, rake, and cover for burn barrels.)
  • It is illegal to burn: Asphalt, garbage, metal, petroleum products, plastics, rubber, wood painted, or treated wood.  These materials release toxic pollutants into the air.
  • Environmental Issues and Boating Regulations
  • Boat launch fees are $5.00 per launching or $30.00 for an annual pass. 

Passes can be purchased at the pavilion at Chute Pond, the Oconto County Courthouse, or on the web at  (Click on permits.)  The annual launch pass is only valid at boat landings under the control of Oconto County Forestry & Parks.  These include Anderson Lake, Chute Pond (South Shore, East Shore, and the Field House), Machickanee Flowage, North Bay Shore Recreational Area, Riverside (BB) Park, Patzer Park, and Pensaukee Landing.

Hours for recreational use, i.e., waterskiing, tubing, jet skiing, etc., on Anderson Lake are

  • 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Boats and all personal watercraft are required to stay 100′ from rafts, docks, parked boats, swimmers, or persons being towed by a boat, etc.
  •  Always wear your personal flotation device.
  •  Use preventive measures to avoid the threat of acquatic invasive species (AIS) by immediatly draining boats and equipment (including bilge water, ballast tanks, and live wells) after watercraft, boat trailers, or other gear are removed from inland and outlaying waters.  Also clear all aquatic plants from your trailers and watercraft.
  •  Take extra care when fueling your watercraft in or near the water.  Oil and gasoline spills are very detrimental to the aquatic environment.  Fuel on land whenever possible.
  •  The noise level of your personal watercraft or boat should not exceed 86 dB(A).  It is always a good idea to vary your operating area whenever possible.
  •  Every moored, anchored, and drifting boat and/or other fixed floating structures beyond 200′ from the shoreline, shall be lighted from sunset to sunrise by a white light visible all around the horizon.  No other navigation lights may be displayed.
  •  Spring is a good time to make sure your safety equipment is up to date and stocked.  You should have floatation devices of proper size for each person on board, a throw cushion, fire extinguisher, whistle, first aid kit, paddles, and flares or other approved visual distress signals.

Use only phosphorus free lawn fertilizer.  It is an easy step that will make a positive difference in reducing the amount of algae in our lakes.  Look for fertilizers with “0” as the middle number to insure that it is phosphorus free.


Private On Site Waste Treatment Systems (POWTS) – Every three years sanitary systems must be maintained, pumped and inspected.  This has to be done by a licensed septic service operator (pumper), a master plumber, master plumber restricted sewer, POWTS Inspector, or a POWTS Maintainer.  A malfunctioning septic system may cost thousands of dollars to repair and can contaminate groundwater that might be your source of drinking water.  Proper maintenance will help prolong the life of your system.  If you have questions you can call Oconto County Zoning at 920-834-6827.

All-Terrain Vehicles  (ATVs)

On Anderson Lake, depending on where your property is located, some people have legal access to the ATV trails and some do not, but the following rules are applicable to everyone.

You must slow to 10 MPH when within 150 feet of a home or dwelling.

  •  Oconto County’s trails are open from May 1 – October 31.  For more information, you can check the county’s website at  Click on the ATV sign.
  •  ATVs must be equipped with a functioning mufflers to prevent noise levels above 96 decibels.   ATVs must also be equipped with spark arresters at all times, even during winter.
  •  Always wear goggles and DOT-compliant helmets while riding ATVs.  Make sure that helmets and other equipment, such as goggles and/or visors, are the proper size.
  • Register ATVs and properly display current registration decals.

All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (ASI) certification is required for all riders, residents and non-residents alike, who are at least 12 years old and were born on or after January 1, 1988.  All other ATV riders are strongly encouraged to take an ASI certified course.  Safety certifications issued by other states will be accepted.  Riders must carry their certificate while operating ATVs.  Contact your nearest DNR Service center or check the DNR website for classes.

  • When within 100′ of ice shanties or other structures, pedestrians, or anyone not on a motorized vehicle, i.e., horseback riders, joggers, hikers, bicyclers, people ice fishing, etc., the speed limit is 10 mph.
  • Always check with local sources for ice conditions.  REMEMBER – no ice, is safe ice.
  • Never ride in the ditch line unless it is a marked trail.
  • Snowmobile trails are not automatically open to ATV use.  In many cases, it is illegal to ride an ATV on a snowmobile trail.  Violating this law threatens current and future opportunities to have joint trails.
  • Wear sensible, protective clothing.
  •  Always conduct a pre-trip inspection to ensure your equipment is operating properly.
  •  Please show respect for others by staying on marked trails and obeying speed limits.  Respect the rights of property owners who have graciously granted ATVs access to the trails by allowing them to cross private property and roads.  You may want to consider joining an ATV club.  The local club is Dusty Trails.  Its website is
  •  Please ride with due regard for safety and in compliance with all other laws.

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